In honor of Cupcake Week…

Posted May 7, 2009 by allenada
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Lollychops is my hero!  She has collaborated with La Fuji Mama to celebrate Cupcakes!  In honor of the occasion, I forced myself to dig into the freezer (well whaddayaknow, they were right there up front) and pull out a carrot cupcake made from this book …wmsburg-cookbook

…frost it with some yummy rich cream cheese frosting, and–well, celebrate Cupcake Week! carrotcupcake(Um, celebrate Cupcake Week late on a cloudy afternoon when the natural light is not the best.)                                                   

(Does this count as BYOB?)


Life is full.

Posted April 12, 2009 by allenada
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Just in the last week, I’ve baked three cakes and two pies, attended four music rehearsals and four committee meetings, planned and executed a birthday party, and made this skirt.skirt1

I designed it and drafted the pattern–I think it’s the first time I’ve done it for anyone other than myself.   Here is a detail of the blanket stitching on the appliques.  The pink fabric is from a crib dust ruffle bought at a discount store.  (And yes, I made the gores on the cross-grain–because that was the only way they fit.)detail1


Posted February 23, 2009 by allenada
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This is challah from the AB5 book (sans poppy seeds, because I had none). 


(Other recent baking goodness–un-photographed–includes cornbread, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and bran muffins.)

Yellow Soup

Posted February 20, 2009 by allenada
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I’m not officially part of the House On Hill Road yellow week, but how about this buttery cream of potato soup (homemade, of course, <sniff>)?


Relaxing February Evening

Posted February 17, 2009 by allenada
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relaxingAfter a busy weekend and a hectic Monday, I’m glad the temperature is chilly enough for a fire.  I’m an experienced beginner knitter (many scarves) and am tackling this top in 100% cotton (raveled from a thrifted sweater:  see the balls of yarn in the header photo).

Skirt to Shirt

Posted February 16, 2009 by allenada
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Before (thrifted skirt, “on sale,”  buck-fifty)…


After (not very flattering, but I love working with border prints and I like the colors)…



Posted February 3, 2009 by allenada
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whole-wheatThis is what I had for dinner Saturday night and breakfast this morning and lunch today:  mmmm–the 100% whole wheat loaf from Artisan Breads in Five Minutes a Day.  (I’m having more in a bit with my beef stew dinner.)  Yet  as much as I love eating and making and sharing (and photographing and blogging about) this stuff, every day it becomes more evident to me that I do not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.