Life is full.

Just in the last week, I’ve baked three cakes and two pies, attended four music rehearsals and four committee meetings, planned and executed a birthday party, and made this skirt.skirt1

I designed it and drafted the pattern–I think it’s the first time I’ve done it for anyone other than myself.   Here is a detail of the blanket stitching on the appliques.  The pink fabric is from a crib dust ruffle bought at a discount store.  (And yes, I made the gores on the cross-grain–because that was the only way they fit.)detail1

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2 Comments on “Life is full.”

  1. Monica Allen Says:

    How come I didn’t get to eat any of the pie’s or cake?!;(lol
    The skirt is beautiful. Maybe you can make me one sometime after I lose all the baby weight! ;)Love you!

  2. LollyChops Says:

    You had a heck of a productive week! That skirt is fabulous!!!

    Now off to read the next post… I spy some tasty looking challah bread!

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